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“Watch your thoughts; they become words.

Watch your words; they become actions.

Watch your actions; they become habits.

    Watch your habits; they become character.

            Watch your character; it becomes your destiny”.

When I went through the above lines, they reminded me about the young  generation specially our students. We all wish to be successful in our carrier and life, but we seldom give sufficient importance to a careful and disciplined life. We come across successful stories of man personalities but the struggle and perservance that made them great inspire us not much. We have lot of examples in and around us including our own Parents and Teachers. Their ardent wish, strong determination and constant hard inspire us to lead happy and successful  life. They learnt many things from their experiences, from their failures and from their struggle. So let us have a close watch on our thoughts and actions, that it may help us to reach our destination successfully.

As the principal of  St.Xavier’s , when I review over the 25 years of its existence  and  growth my heart fill with love, admiration  and  pride for the fertile soil which the school provides to the tiny saplings to leave as responsible human beings. A balance of activities is emphasized.

I would like to remember and thank God for all the Teachers and the Non-teaching staff who have worked tirelessly to make St.Xavier’s what is today.

May God bless each and everyone who is serving to keep the St.Xavier’s flag forever fluttering.