The mission of a student is to create a community of creative learners empowered with optimism. Education is an endless journey through knowledge and enlightenment.


With 27 years of experience and expertise, St. Xavier’s provides a stage for the students to exhibit their creativity, to increase participation and to develop self confidence and resourcefulness with a global perspective. Since the inception in 1989, the school has a phenomenal growth in terms of building up the intellectual capacity and achievements. The students of the school have achieved very good academic standings and inculcate good manners. The school is an epitome of holistic education and has had many laurels in producing consistently high results and turning out the better of the best children to the social and economic growth of the society.


The school emphasizes a high degree of importance through regular co-curricular activities on the sustainability of the environment. I’m sure the school will help the students to grow mentally alert, emotionally balanced, physically sound and prepare them to lead the country with distinction. My dream is to facilitate St. Xavier’s children complete their formal education in reputed and premier professional colleges and they should become legal citizens of the nation with great love for the humanity.


The selfless efforts of the Principal and the staff for catering the best education deserve a lot of appreciations and compliments. I extend my sincere wishes to all the staff and students of St. Xavier’s for the excellent performance and to keep up the momentum in the future.